Family owned and operated since 2006. Our business was started in and still is in beautiful Sonoma-Napa wine country. We have also expanded our business to Shasta and Lake counties of California, USA.  We love working with the local business' as well as throughout the United States!  We are excited about what we have accomplished and continue to strive to improve every aspect of our business keeping, you, the customer at the center of our Health and Wellness venture.

Becoming aware of the great need for an affordable Heat Therapy that can be easily used at home has prompted us to make these specialty Wraps. All of our Day Spa Wraps are hand Made here in the US. Being a family owned business gives us assurance that all aspects of making our products will be inspected thoroughly. Therefore, we are confident you will be completely satisfied with our product.

Our Day Spa Wraps provide a natural way of relaxing your mind, body and spirit. Here at Lavender Scents, we strive to help people of every age relieve stress and pain that may occur in everyday life. Through the generations of our family, our goal is to create new and unique Spa Wraps at an affordable price while maintaining excellent quality and craftsmanship.With your comfort and well being in mind, we continue to develop new designs throughout the year. We also encourage customers or visitors to our site to make suggestions to modify a product or give us ideas for a new product.

Our products are made to heat in the microwave, towel warmer or dryer and may also be chilled for "cold therapy". Lavender Scents Wraps are used by salons, massage therapist, chiropractors and also for foot reflexology and nail salons as well as in homes through-out America.  Custom orders are welcome. Please contact us for more information.

We do not sell or distribute our customer information to anyone.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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~ About Us ~
All of our Spa Wraps are made to order so you'll receive them fresh and crisp!  We use only organic materials to help ensure freshness and quality.
Our flax seed is sifted and carefully looked over before blended with pure essential oils and herbs. Always mixed and stored in a sealed container until the flax seed has been infused with the oils and herbs.  Heating instructions included with each Wrap.
All our Spa Wraps are heatable in microwaves and towel warmers.
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June 2014
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Lavender Scents has been family owned and operated since 2006.    
We offer our own special line of handmade Day Spa Wraps.
Here at Lavender Scents we strive to help people of every age relieve stress and pain of everyday life with an all natural way of relaxing your mind, body and spirit.  Through the generations of our family, we have created new and unique products to help after surgeries and just plain everyday aches with out the extra expense.  Use our products any time you like in the comfort of your own home.

Our hand-made Day Spa products, including our one-of-a-kind aromatherapy heated wraps, have removable inserts and fold over flaps for easy removal of the cover. The inserts of our spa products contain flax seed for exceptional heat retention and infused with pure essential oils. All ingredients are organic. Inserts are billowed for an even distribution of the flax seed fill.
All of our Day Spa products are made to heat in the microwave or towel warmer.  Chill for "cold therapy"